Employee in front of Clipper location

Susan Hathcock

Meet Susan Hathcock. Susan has been with Clipper for 17 years! She was hired on as a store manager and was recently promoted to a Territory Manager. What does she enjoy most about working at Clipper? “I love the fact they believe in investing in their people as well as the face they put family first.”

Susan’s favorite memory from her time at Clipper happened recently. “It was the day after the big storm hit in Cleveland and about 90% of the community was without power and water. Tom Bower came by and went to every pump to apologize for our credit debit system being down, after that he went into Bojangles’ and worked the line, changed trash as well as swept the lobby. This showed me the heart he has for not only his company but for the communities in which they are located.”

Susan feels that Clipper has allowed her the time to go back to school and get her Associates degree in Business Management. She even won a scholarship with the recommendations of Clipper management and had the full support of the company to help achieve her dream!

Subway employee behind register

Sam Sullens

Meet Sam Sullens. Sam has worked at Clipper for 11 years and 10 months! Her current role is Sandwich Artist, Store Manager. When asked what she enjoys most about working at Clipper she said, “The atmosphere and my customers. They make all the difference in the day-to-day job. It is a great company.”

Sam’s favorite memory while working at Clipper is being part of the Advisory Board. “I feel that this is an awesome opportunity. I get to reach out to other managers and represent them to help make great changes in the company. Also, the Leadership Academy. I have learned so much from Linda McKenna. It has taught me so much that I can relate to not only at Clipper, but in different aspects of life as well.”

When asked what opportunities Clipper has opened for her Sam said, “It got me getting ready for my retirement. I have all my insurances in case of an accident and a 401K that I have been putting into for several years. There are not many people my age planning ahead yet, but it was stressed to me how important it was by my Territory Manager and that is why I started it. Now, a few years later, I see the importance.”



  • Weekly pay period with a check every Friday
  • Insurance Benefits available for you and your children
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans
  • Long Term and Short Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • 401K program with company match
  • Excellent earning potential
  • Opportunities for promotion as Clipper wants to see you grow
  • 1 week of vacation after 1 year of service ; 2 weeks after 3 years of service; and 3 weeks after 10 years of service
    Can accrue up to 6 weeks of paid sick pay leave (paid at calendar year)
  • Birthday pay for full-time Team Members
  • Anniversary gift program for each year of service
  • Flexible schedules – full or part time, day or night shifts
  • A strong, growing company dedicated to its team members and customers
  • A company that gives over $100k back to the local community each year
  • Family-owned and operated since 1933
  • Free drinks during your shift
  • Paid meal breaks
  • Joining a team that likes to have fun and cares for each other like family
  • 50% off select food on day of the shift


Additional Testimonials

2018 here at Clipper has been a Career changing experience for me as I have been moving forward in my career at Clipper. Working for Clipper has been a very good experience from the respectful, helpful employees, to the cleanliness of the work environment. Out of all that Clipper has to offer I’d have to say my favorite part of the job would be our valued customers for if not for them Clipper would be but a name on a billboard.

Jonathan, Assistant Store Manager

Wow! In my short time here at Clipper Petroleum, Clipper has been great to me. The best part-time job I've ever had! The hours are flexible and really convenient with my full-time job and family. My daily routine stops are within 10 minutes of the store. I couldn't ask for a better drive to work, school, and home. Everyday I walk in I am greeted with a warm welcoming smile from my supervisor and fellow co-workers. This team here at the store works so hard to maintain a clean and friendly work environment that the compliments continue flowing in on the daily basis. Our guest even bring us goodies like home-made cookies and bbq ribs fresh off the grill. It makes me feel really good about what I do here. Small and big. I look forward to longevity with Clipper and what new things the company brings in.

Brittany, Guest Service Representative

Clipper has given me the chance to meet, serve, and interact with a very diverse group of customers that come through our doors each morning. These folks are the kind of people that appreciate honest, friendly, and helpful service; this is Clipper’s trademark. It is a pleasure to serve our customers each day.

Judy, Guest Service Representative

I love working for Clipper because when I wake up in the morning I love knowing all the hard work and effort I put in is appreciated throughout all levels of the company, it makes work less work!

Pearl, Unit Director at Bojangles




Each fall our corporate office hosts a Clipper Family Fall Festival free to all Team Members and their families! This year we enjoyed our 2nd Annual Clipper Family Fall Festival with a great turnout! We are thankful for each Team Member who makes up the Clipper family.

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